Calculation of Transport Cost



The transport cost is calculated according to the dimensions and the kilograms you enter into the platform. Thus, we kindly ask you to enter the dimensions and the kilograms AFTER having packaged your parcel with the proper packaging materials (bubble wrap, etc), in order to know the precise calculation of the cost and avoid any difference after the receipt of parcels.?

The above prices are valid for online ordering only.

The above prices are valid for online ordering only.

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Significantly lower shipping fees than the corresponding ones on the postal market.

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Easy and fast cost estimation process as well as shipment booking.


Our company is one of the 5 oldest transport companies in Greece with a long history since 1943. According to our customer-centric philosophy we act first as transport consultants, proposing to our customers the most advantageous and safe solution for their transportation. Our many years of experience in the field of transport and our cooperation with the most reliable companies abroad, guarantee you the fastest, most reliable and safe transport of your goods.

  • Schedule the pick up date and enjoy Door To Door services worldwide (100 Countries).
  • Up to 70% lower charges compared to the corresponding ones of the postal market without discounts on delivery time and quality of service.
  • Automated process for estimating the cost of your shipment.
  • On-line booking system any time you want without delay.
  • We are always available for any questions/ queries/ clarifications, through the chat on line, e-mail or by phone.

Terms and conditions

After the parcels are received, they are weighed using machines without human intervention, if there is a difference either in dimensions or in kilograms, we send you the difference in writing by email and we reserve the right to demand from the sender the payment of the difference in transport costs up to 20 days from receiving parcels from the sender or consignee even if the shipment has been delivered to the consignee. Failure to pay will result in debt recovery proceedings being initiated with any associated costs being the responsibility of the sender or receiver.