Temperature controlled freights

In 2012 our company entered the refrigerator industry dynamically adding a special refrigerator truck to its fleet. Privately owned, state-of-the-art and fully equipped, the 3-axle truck with trailer is suitable for the transport of delicate, fresh and frozen products, as well as medicines.

  • Thanks to our properly trained staff and up-to-date equipment we can ensure controlled temperature throughout the journey from pickup to delivery.
  • We can guarantee the safe transport of sensitive refrigerated products with certified refrigeration chambers on HACCP’s hygiene provisions.
  • We collect after control with a special thermometer and deliver the products in perfect condition to the customer on time, unaltered and at the right temperature with proof of the refrigeration recorder operating mechanism.
  • We have specially designed chambers with separators and we can guarantee the safe transportation of sensitive products for maintenance and freezing from -30 ° C.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we collect from Athens and transfer to locations in Messinia such as Kalamata, Messini, Analipsi.

Temperature controlled transport