Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

– Alcohol
– Batteries
– Tobacco, Drugs
– Money, Bonds, etc., Important documents (wills, etc.)
– Precious jewellery
– Matches, Camp stoves, Lighting Fluid, Fireworks – Ammunition
– Ammonia – Acetone – Lighters, Poison – Propane Containers – Thinners, Insecticides – Herbicides
– Fertilizers
– Chemical liquids

– Sea transportation takes 2.5 to 3 months with receipt from the nearest customs office
– Air transportation takes up to 5 business days with home delivery

Delivery days range from 1 to 8 business days depending on the service you choose, as well as the country and city of delivery.

I. Shipping costs either from your place or the office closest to you to the nearest customs office in the city of destination.
II. The freight insurance coverage of your goods. Olive oil and personal items are covered with Cargo Clause (C) with a specific insurance limit. Regarding commercial loads or household goods or high value items such as antiques, if you so desire, there is the possibility of insurance coverage upon communication with our Insurance Consultant.
III. The olive oil package.

Door-to-door shipment costs the minimum insurance premium of 5 euros/kg of shipment; no other charges apply.

The amount of oil a can can hold vary depending on the size of the can. Usually, the oil cans used in the market have a capacity of about 3 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt, 17 lt. You should confirm the size of the tin before making any calculations.

All parcel shipments abroad are prepaid either via Paypal, card or bank deposit.

The sender can complete the order and the recipient can pay in the three ways above.

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