Our history

It was 74 years ago, on January 6, 1943, when the great-grandfather of the current owners, the four Spourgitis siblings, began full of dreams to offer transport service for Kalamata-Koroni and Kalamata-Athens. They could have never imagined, however, that today, seven decades later, Spourgitis company, would cover with reliability and respect for its customers almost the entire world with shipments and deliveries.

Looking back, Kalamata-based Spourgitis company was launched in 1943 by the great-grandfather, Konstantinos Spourgitis. In 1950 joined the company his son, Georgios Spourgitis, who undertook the agency in Kalamata, while an office was founded in Athens at 78, Kerameikou Street, maintained by Konstantinos Spourgitis. The company’s business is getting better and better, so they acquire more vehicles to serve their customers.

In 1980, Konstantinos Spourgitis, son of Georgios Spourgitis, gave a new impetus. As a young man, with fresh ideas and eager to work, he suggested starting home deliveries in Athens. In 1990, they spread their wings beyond the “Greek market” and began sea transportation to Canada, Australia and the USA. The next step was made in 1999, where they made a network of partners and started shipping to Europe and air transportations all over the world. 2002 was a crucial and important year for the company, as shipments and deliveries to the European Union and deliveries throughout the Prefecture of Messinia began, while in 2004 they carried out air transportation to Europe, the USA, Canada and Africa.

Today, as the oldest shipping company in the Peloponnese, covering everything in the transport sector, Spourgitis with a very good network of agents and partners worldwide, with the right to issue their own bill of lading from Greece to Canada, Australia and the USA, and serving 68 cities in Greece is a shining example in the transport sector. Despite the difficulties of the industry and its responsibility to safely and reliably transport the products trusted, Spourgitis, with its long experience, knowledge and organisational skills, has managed to overcome any adversities arisen and provide excellent service, responsible and correct packaging, proper classification and safe delivery.

Keeping with the history of the company, focusing on customer service and on the strong foundations laid by Konstantinos Spourgitis, his children Katerina, Giorgos, Dimitris and Stavroula envision a positive future for the company. Knowing that the effort will be hard, as it requires reliability, expertise, proper partnerships and a good fleet of vehicles, they point out that the only reward will be the big and sincere thanks from the people they serve.

Φωτογραφικό υλικό

Great-grandfather: Service Koroni-Kalamata, Kalamata-Athens-Kalamata not so often and with military escort. Duration: 1 week (Photo gallery 1943-1948)

Grandfather: Service from Kalamata to Koroni, Sparti, Athens (Photo gallery 1949-1986)

The grandfather died and the father took charge of the company (Photo gallery 1987-1990)

Launching partnerships for sea transportation to Canada, Australia, the USA. (Photo gallery 1991-1996)

Launching partnerships for air transportation around the world. (Photo gallery 1997-2000)

Completion of delivery at home network with a privately owned truck fleet to all the villages of Messinia and throughout Athens. Completion of network of partners for shipments to all cities in Greece. (Photo gallery 2001-2003)

Launching of partnerships for ground transportations across the European Union. (Photo gallery 2004-2009)

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