Greece – Hungary Shipping

Whether you are on the way back from Greece to Hungary and you are looking for an economical and quick solution to send your extra suitcases.
Without the hassle and stress of extra pounds and inconceivable airline charges or if you want to send a parcel / gift to your relatives, we can offer you the best solution for sending it easily and quickly, using our online platform, where you can automatically see what your shipping costs are.
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Why choose us

Έχουμε στείλει πολλές φορές δέματα στην Σουηδία και η επικοινωνία και η μεταφορά ήταν άψογη
Πολύ συνεπείς, και παράδοση μέσα στα όριο που μας ορίστηκαν από την αρχή. Η αποστολή έφτασε με ασφάλεια και η τιμή ήταν πολύ λογική.
Fotis Fotopoulos
Fotis Fotopoulos
Μετέφερα 2 βαλίτσες στο εξωτερικό και έμεινα πολύ ευχαριστημένος
Panos Kardaras
Panos Kardaras
Αψογη εξυπηρέτηση σε όλα, η παράδοση έγινε στον χρόνο που μου είχαν πει ,
Nikolaos Markellos
Nikolaos Markellos
Άψογη και άμεση εξυπηρέτηση! Επαγγελματίες!
Eirini Lola
Eirini Lola
Ευγενέστατοι και άκρως εξυπηρετικοί!

What differentiates the transport company SPOURGITIS is that under no circumstances do we sacrifice the quality and reliability of a transport on the altar of economy and cost minimization.

We provide high quality services with security, consistent quality and consistency so that parcels arrive on time wherever there is Hellenism.

Choose the pick up date that suits you, whether you’re in Hungary or Greece, and enjoy convenient home delivery.

Online booking system which is available 24/7, ensuring a seamless experience with no delays.

Easily estimate shipment costs with our automated process.

Our support team is readily available for any questions, queries, or clarifications through our online chat, email, or by phone.

Save up to 70% compared to postal market rates, all without compromising on delivery speed or service quality.

What you can send

Parcel Shipping to and from Hungary

Are you looking for Economical parcel shipping to and from Hungary?

We work with international shipping networks and ensure your shipments to Hungary are seamlessly handled at the most economical rates. By combining road, sea, and air transport, we achieve the fastest delivery times at the lowest cost for the benefit of the customer.

If you need to send parcels to Hungary, our fast and reliable service helps ensure your parcel reaches its destination on time.

Wherever you are located, Egger, Pets, Miskolc, Debrecen Gyor, we serve you through our partner network daily pickups and deliveries from any pickup address at no extra cost, so the goal is the same: the combination maximum possible service to our customers is always perfectly intertwined with the most affordable prices.

Parcel Shipping in Hungary

Whether you’re gearing up for a move or a visit to see family and friends, SPOURGITIS TRANS provides a dependable and efficient solution for shipping parcels to Hungary, all at competitive prices.

We make it easy for you to securely transport your luggage, personal belongings, or packages, whether by road or air.

Economic parcel shipping to Hungary

Door-to-door parcel delivery from Greece to Hungary is a practical, easy, and cost-effective service for our customers.

Moving Services for Individuals

If you’re contemplating a short or long-term move, SPOURGITIS is here to provide you with comprehensive assistance and resources. We understand that relocating to the Hungary is a significant decision that goes beyond merely finding a courier to transport your belongings.

That’s why we offer support in organizing your move, taking care of everything from planning to the secure transportation of your possessions.
Our services encompass packing, storage, and coordination and when it comes to moving your belongings from one location to another, you have two transportation options: by road or by air  – we’ll guide you in selecting the fastest and most cost-effective choice.

Additionally, we can assist you in securing the right insurance package for your needs. While our shipments are already insured up to the value of €5 per kilogram of transported goods, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage at a very affordable rate.

Our primary focus is to provide highly competitive rates to both individuals and businesses for parcel and pallet shipments to over 124 countries worldwide.
We offer optimal solutions for relocations, which include hassle-free booking for door-to-door transport services, access to high-quality services from top logistics companies, and robust tracking and customer support systems. Your convenience and satisfaction are our utmost priority.

Shipments for Exchange and Erasmus Students

At SPOURGITIS, we are committed to facilitating the mobility of exchange students, including participants in the European Union’s esteemed student exchange program, Erasmus. Our sole mission is to provide direct, straightforward, and cost-effective shipping solutions, enabling you to enjoy your time abroad without worrying about the number of luggage pieces you can take with you.

Let us assist you in making your experience abroad truly enjoyable by ensuring your luggage arrives an hour ahead of you!


Are you a dedicated traveler? With SPOURGITIS, you don’t need to become an expert in airport logistics and procedures. You can bid farewell to the headache of lugging around heavy baggage and grappling with those costly extra weight.

Allow us to handle the task of efficiently and economically getting your luggage to your destination and with our shipping company, international rates are often more budget-friendly than conventional airline fares, giving you the opportunity to save money and enhance your travel experience.

Our online platform offers a straightforward and speedy ordering process.
Simply provide the pickup and delivery addresses, whether it’s a residence, hotel, hostel, or another type of accommodation. With this information, you’ll receive an instant quote for luggage and parcel delivery, and the price you see on the website is the final price.

The user-friendly operation of our platform empowers our customers to reduce shipping costs, often by as much as 70% compared to standard market prices. What sets SPOURGITIS Transport Company apart is that we never compromise quality and reliability for the sake of economizing. We provide high-quality services, ensuring the safe, consistent, and punctual delivery of parcels wherever Hellenism resides.

Visit our website today to explore the most cost-effective options for sending parcels abroad.

If you’ve been searching for economical parcel shipping to Hungary, make sure to check out spourgitis.gr and discover the unique pricing using our user-friendly form: https://spourgitis.gr/metafora/Step-1.php, or contact us via email at info@spourgitis.gr.

If you plan to send larger items, reach out to us beforehand, so we can ensure they can be shipped and provide you with the best available deals. Travel light and smart! Before placing your order, when you plan to send larger items you should get in touch with us so we can check if they can be shipped and then find the best deals for you.

Shipping Services for Professionals and Companies

SPOURGITIS Transport Company is dedicated to supporting Greek small and medium-sized businesses in their expansion to over 100 countries worldwide. We recognize the persistent challenge faced by Greek businesses in terms of cost-effective and reliable product shipments. To address this, we offer economic shipping services to businesses, aimed at reducing transportation costs for their products.

In our company, we understand the dedication and effort that goes into running a business, particularly in the face of challenging conditions. Our services and rates are tailored to meet the needs of businesses that may not require ongoing shipping services or deal in large shipment volumes, and thus may not have the capacity to negotiate low-cost contracts directly with shipping service providers. We are committed to listening to your unique requirements and recommending the most cost-effective and dependable solutions for transporting your business’s goods.

What am I not allowed to send?
  • Spirits
  • Batteries
  • Tobacco and Medicines
  • Money, bonds, and Important documents (e.g., wills)
  • Valuable jewellery
  • Chemical liquids
  • Ammonia, acetone, nail varnish, lighters
  • Poison
  • Propane Cans
  • Solvents, insecticides, and herbicides
  • Fertilizers
  • Matches, lighting fluid, fireworks, and ammunition

Why choose Spourgitis and what does it have to do
with your search for economical parcel shipping?

Spourgitis has solidified its position as a distinguished player in both domestic and international transportation, with a remarkable presence in the industry dating back to 1943. Our enduring success is the result of extensive experience, a commitment to service innovation, a substantial privately-owned vehicle fleet, and strategic partnerships with internationally renowned companies across the globe. These factors have collectively enabled us to capture a substantial market share in the international transport sector.

Our unwavering dedication to improving our services, our customer-centric approach, and, most importantly, the trust placed in us by our valued customers have all been pivotal in establishing our company’s leadership in the transportation sector.

Our commitment to development is a continuous and proven aspect of our operations.
At the heart of our mission is ensuring the swiftest and safest delivery of your parcels, driven by a relentless focus on serving regions where the Greek element is prevalent, including Greek expatriates, Erasmus students, and other members of the Greek diaspora. When you choose Spourgitis, you are selecting a company deeply committed to reliable and cost-effective parcel shipping, backed by a legacy of excellence and a future-oriented mindset.

SPOURGITIS TRANS … at your doorstep quickly, simply and economically!


We have had many years of experience in shipping your items since 1943!


We place particular emphasis on the security and safety of your items at all stages of packaging, handling, shipping.


We provide high quality services thanks to our highly qualified and equipped staff!


Reliability of cooperation with a comprehensive network of partners worldwide.