Olive oil shipping

Our Company has achieved a specialization in the packaging and shipping of olive oil to the USA, Europe, Africa, Canada and Australia due to our long experience in this industry.

This experience has helped us become truly aware of this product’s vulnerability which ranks us among the first companies enjoying appreciation and trust by both major Greek olive oil producers and individual producers.

Using a huge network of partners, both in Greece and abroad, we can ensure the safe shipping process of olive oil, from our warehouses to any destination worldwide either by air, sea or land.

Olive oil shipment abroad

Olive oil is a product of global interest due to the extraordinary properties this natural “superfood” brings to health and wellbeing and with that said, our company is committed to preserving its organoleptic properties by paying great attention to its storage as well as it’s packaging.

Our company undertakes the entirety of the packaging process of olive oil, by placing it in special plastic bags and double cartons to ensure the optimum transport of the product while keeping it unaltered.

Our company, apart from the olive oil shipping process, also handles the appropriate customs procedures from Greece.

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Cost of transporting olive oil

The transport of olive oil is a specialised process involving many parameters. The total cost of transporting olive oil varies depending on a number of factors.

Let’s look at some of the key aspects that affect the cost:

  1. Quantity: The total weight of the olive oil to be transported significantly affects the cost, as large quantities can benefit from a volume discount.
  2. Type of Vehicle: Transport costs differ depending on the type of transport mode (e.g. truck, ship, plane).
  3. Distance: The distance between the point of departure and the destination is one of the most determining factors for costs.
  4. Packaging: Special packaging, which ensures the integrity of the olive oil during transport, may entail additional costs.
  5. Insurance: Insuring the cargo for any risks during transport can add extra costs.
  6. Customs Rights: In international transport, customs duties and taxes can add to the cost of transport.
It is important to plan the transport of olive oil with the help of qualified companies that know the needs and challenges of the industry to ensure the best possible price and quality of service.

Shipping olive oil abroad

Olive oil is a trademark product of our place and history while also being a product that has been used for centuries everywhere in the world. Its unique composition and its pure ingredients are those that give its excellent aroma, special taste and unique color.
All of these characteristics of olive oil are what make it very sensitive while great care is required in its storage and transportation, in order to keep the high standards of its quality.

All of us here at Spourgitis Transport, are well aware of all the conditions that are necessary to be met during the shipping process of olive oil either in short or long distances.
Initially, we undertake its packaging, and then we place it in special plastic bags and double-walled cardboard boxes or wooden boxes, depending on the mode of transport and the final destination, to ensure the best shipping conditions of the product while maintaining its quality specifications.

Due to its highly sensitive nature, the shipping process of olive oil is carried out with the utmost attention of the safety standards. We handle the shipping process of olive oil in any country while this can be carried out via air-cargo, ship (freight) or even truck (landline transport)

Our company has specialized for many years in the packaging and shipping process of this product to U.S.A, Europe, Africa, Canada and Australia, while gaining the trust of both olive oil producers and customers with private shipments.

Olive Oil Packaging For Airplane

When it comes to transporting oil by plane, packaging is a critical factor. The oil must be protected from the demanding conditions of transport and from exposure to the sun in order to maintain its purity and quality.

The procedure we follow is as follows:

  1. Receiving Containers: We receive the containers containing the oil from the customer.
  2. First Packaging Stage: The containers are first placed inside a carton, providing an extra layer of protection.
  3. Special Wooden Package: Then the carton with the oil is placed inside a wooden package, specially designed for airplane transport. The available packaging options are tailored to the quantity of oil – either 5 litres, 10 litres or 17 litres.
  4. Direct Delivery: After packaging is completed, the oil is shipped directly to the customer’s door.
  5. Transport Time: The transport is carried out in a minimum of time, in about 8-12 working days.
  6. Transport conditions: During transportation, we make sure that the oil is kept in environmental conditions that protect it from sunlight, ensuring the unaltered quality of the olive oil.

Our ideal packaging and transport process guarantees that the olive oil reaches the final recipient with the purity and freshness it deserves.

Olive Oil Cannister Shipping with Spourgitis Transport

If you are looking for a safe and reliable shipping way of an olive-oil cannister

We are here for you!

Using our lengthy experience in olive-oil cannister packaging and shipping, we can guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your precious olive oil.

Our process begins with the careful packaging of the olive oil cannister.
This is done to ensure that each cannister remains in perfect condition during the shipping process which is carried out with the most modern vehicles, ensuring the right temperature and ideal conditions for the olive oil.

By choosing our company to cover your olive oil shipping needs, you will choose a company that puts the safety and the quality of your product over anything else.

Contact us to learn more about our service in packaging and transporting oil cans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using our huge network of partners, both domestically and abroad, we can ensure a safe way of shipping olive oil from your place anywhere in Greece to any destination worldwide with the utmost attention to the necessary standards of shipping.

The process is rather quick and easy. Contact us via email or phone and give us your pick-up details. After that, the olive oil is received, packaged by us to be ready for departure and delivery directly to the recipient’s place in 8-12 business days.


Our company, apart from shipping oil, also undertakes the completion of all customs procedures, as well as the dealings of customs expenses when it comes to transporting small quantities of olive oil for personal use.
We just need to pick up (or deliver to us) the amount of olive oil you want to transport and you can leave the rest to us!

If it is a private shipment, no document is required for the shipping process of olive oil.

The cost depends on the weight  of the shipment as well as the type of packaging (5lt, 10lt, 17lt or bag)

Of course! Regarding small quantities of olive oil, wooden packaging is required, which we also undertake if the sender cannot do so.

We receive daily parcels from all over Peloponnese to be shipped abroad. You can just contact us for more details.

There are actually 2 ways of shipping either by air or freight cargo (sea). In the case of freight cargo the transition time ranges from 2.5-5 months, while by air, it ranges from 8-12 working days.