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Guide to send parcels

Guide to send parcels with Spourgitis transport

Sending parcels with Spourgitis is a simple and safe process
Follow this step-by-step guide to make sure your package arrives safely at its destination.
Prepare the Parcel

a) Choose Proper Packaging: Use a sturdy box that matches the size and weight of the items you want to ship.

b) Securely Pack Items: Place foam or air bags around items for protection during transit.

c) Sealing the Box: Seal the box tightly with strong packing tape.

Fill in Shipping Details

a) Shipping Label: Complete a shipping label with the recipient’s full details and your own. Stick the label in a prominent place on the box.

b) Declaration of Contents: For international shipments, you may need to complete a declaration of contents, describing the items inside the package.

Reserve a Shipping Service

a) Visit the Website or the Store: You can book the shipment of packages either through the Sparrow Company website or by visiting one of the stores.

b) Select Shipping Service: Select the type of shipping you desire (eg, standard, expedited, international).

c) Pay for the Service: You pay the cost of the shipment through the available payment methods.

Collection or Delivery of the Parcel

a) Collection by the Company: If you have chosen the collection service, a Spurgetis Company representative will come to your address to collect the parcel.

b) Delivery to a Store or Service Point: If you prefer, you can deliver your parcel directly to one of the Spourgitis Company’s stores or service points.

Track the Parcel

a) Tracking Code: You will receive a tracking code to be able to follow the progress of your package through the company’s website.

b) Status Updates: Check the status of your shipment regularly and stay informed of any changes or updates.

Delivery of the Parcel

a) Delivery to Recipient: The package will be delivered to the recipient’s address according to the shipping options you have selected.

b) Receipt Confirmation: The recipient may be required to sign to confirm receipt of the package.

With this guide, the process of sending packages with Spourgitis will be organized and problem-free.

If you have questions or need help during the process, the company’s helpful team is always available to support.