Shipping by transport and courier

How to prepare and promote your items anywhere in the world

Shipping items to different parts of the world has never been simpler. Using the Spourgitis service, you have a wealth of transportation options at your fingertips, all in one central location.

Be guided by our detailed guides on how to pack your goods so that they remain safe during transport and organize your shipments, whether domestic or international, in a few simple steps. Trust our extensive network of logistics partners to ensure a comfortable, reliable and economical shipment of your items. Find out about our latest offers, and explore the world of packaging and transport with our expert guides.

Explore international shipping solutions for business

Establish yourself in the field like many other companies that trusted Spourgitis transportation for their shipments. Thanks to the ease of use of our platform, deliveries are managed immediately and efficiently. Simplify your processes, and rely on the experience of our logistics team, which is available to deal with any unforeseen situation, providing solutions and support to our customers.

Οικονομική Μεταφορική
How to ship internationally with Spourgitis transport
Follow the packing and shipping guides
Measure your package and choose the most suitable shipping service
Place your order and proceed with payment
Check your email to print the label on your parcel

Explore our shipping services
Through our platform, you have access to a wide range of international shipping services:

Express service

The fastest delivery. International shipping in 24-72 hours

Economy shipping

The most economical shipping of packages or suitcases

Shipping abroad

Sending loads for businesses and individuals abroad