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Shipping to Greece from uk – parcel uk to greece

If you are looking for a way to send products to England or shipping from uk to greece or parcel from uk  from to greece,  or you want to send your luggage to your destination before the trip, our company may be the best choice for you. We can undertake shipments to England at very low prices. Our customer service team works systematically to satisfy you, offering you useful information whenever you need it.


Our company is one of the 5 oldest transport companies in Greece with a long history since 1943. According to our customer-centric philosophy we act first as transport consultants, proposing to our customers the most advantageous and safe solution for their transportation. Our many years of experience in the field of transport and our cooperation with the most reliable companies abroad, guarantee you the fastest, most reliable and safe transport of your goods.

Pick up the date you want, from anywhere in UK or in Greece and home delivery in over 100 countries worldwide.

Up to 70% lower charges compared to the corresponding ones of the postal market without discounts on delivery time and quality of service.

On-line booking system any time you want without delay.

Automated process for estimating the cost of your shipment.

Next to you for any questions/ queries/ clarifications, through the chat on line, e-mail or by phone.

What can you send?


Door to Door parcels delivery services from UK to GR.

Two years ago UK was a full EU member, so pickup and delivery was made easily without any restrictions.
Howver, the
BREXIT event happened, bringing many changes on the transportation sector while all pickup and delivery procedures are now subject to strict controls and restrictions which in turn end up charging customs clearance fees and/or other expenses.

AtSpourgitis Trans, we are making great efforts to manage and facilitate your transportation needs, eliminating this obstacle and legally reducing customs expenses.

Any private shipment, whatever the type of the package (parcel-suitcase-box) from UK2GR can be shipped via our warehouse at Belfast (North Ireland) from where all shipping operations within EU are carried out without any obstacle, without the UK strict controls avoiding any expenses. All private parcels sent from England to Greece now pass through an intermediate station, Belfast, a city which, after signed agreements with England and the European Union, has been freed from customs controls and costs! And the best; All this without any financial burden.

All shipments from Greece to England (private parcel shipments), are also sent without any customs clearance costs, completely legally, through the customs procedures that we carry out deliveries on working days and transit times can be mutually agreed.

Shipping procedures related to England have become a breeze, just as they were before the country even left the European Union.

Please note that all rules for prohibited/restricted items such as (meat and milk), address format, country specific restrictions etc from NON EU countries have to be carefully considered.

How much is it to send a parcel from UK to Greece?

The cost is a combined calculation both of volume and weight and you can calculate the cost of your shipment directly and quickly through our form: here

How much to send a 2kg parcel to Greece?

The cost is a combined calculation of volume and weight, i.e. a parcel 3020 15=2 kg has a cost of 54 euros with the road service or 66 euros with the express service.

It must be noted that the above fees costs do not involve any customs clearance costs in Greece, as all private shipments from England to Greece pass through our warehouse in Northern Ireland, thus saving time and money.

Is it expensive to send a parcel to Greece?

Our company is the only one in England and Greece that owns a warehouse in Northern Ireland and specifically for private shipments there are no customs clearance costs involved in Greece and at the same time we offer the lowest transport charges compared to the current competition.

How can someone send a parcel from UK to Greece?

We receive  boxes/parcels/suitcases daily from any point in the United Kingdom while you can fill in the transport form to plan the transport easily, quickly and economically.



We have had many years of experience in shipping your items since 1943!


We provide high quality services thanks to our highly qualified and equipped staff!


We place particular emphasis on the security and safety of your items at all stages of packaging, handling, shipping.


Reliability of cooperation with a comprehensive network of partners worldwide.

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