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Sending a parcel abroad

We carry packages and freights daily from and to Greece, to all European and other destinations around the world, door to door with the most economical rates up to 70% cheaper than postal market prices.

Pickups can be made from anywhere in Greece or Europe, forwarded directly to their destination and identified by their tracking number.

For those who want to know when their shipment reaches its destination, this is the perfect service.

The services are aimed at professionals and Individuals who want to control the cost, time and safety of their transportation.


Sending parcels abroad prices

On the platform the customer from any point in Greece and abroad has the opportunity to plan electronically the organization of the transport and calculate the cost. It is a friendly and flexible eshop of transport service for the benefit of our customers.

Through our privately owned fleet of trucks and our partnerships with internationally recognized companies around the world, we have gained significant market share in international transport. Our efforts to upgrade our services are continuous and our customers are always at the forefront.

Cheap parcel shipping abroad

You can calculate online the cost of the transport you are interested in from and to abroad through our form or by sending us an email at info@spourgitis.gr.

The user-friendly way of operating the platform allows our customers to reduce shipping costs, which in some cases can even reach 70% compared to the standard prices prevailing in the market.

What differentiates the transport company SPOURGITIS is that in no case do we sacrifice the quality and reliability of a transport on the altar of economy and cost minimization. We provide high quality services with safety, consistent quality and consistency so that parcels arrive on time wherever there is Hellenism.

Shipping for students, exchange students, Erasmus students

Studying abroad has become a popular choice for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Regardless of the type of mobility: volunteering, studying or anything else, you will find that there are some things you cannot break away from. It may be some personal items or just everyday items. With us you can have your belongings with you everywhere in a quick, simple process.

We support student mobility by offering simple and affordable shipping solutions for Erasmus students and exchange students in Europe. By shipping your luggage, you do not need to compromise on the number of luggage you want to take with you.
Let us help you enjoy your time abroad by sending your luggage a lot faster!

Let us help you enjoy your time abroad by shipping your luggage an hour early!


If you are a travel lover, then you will be familiar with airport procedures.
The following cases will surely be familiar to you:

  • Heavy luggage
  • Extra pounds of luggage – cost increase

We suggest that you get out of the hassle of the airport and just carry your suitcase to its destination. It is definitely the cheapest option. Our international fares are lower than regular airline fares, thus saving you money to enhance your travel experience.

The order process through our online platform is very simple.

All you need to do is provide a pickup and delivery address. It can be a home address, hotel, hostel or any other form of accommodation. With this information you can instantly receive an offer for shipping parcels. The price displayed on the website is the final price.

You can calculate online the cost of the transport you are interested in from and to abroad through our form: here or by sending us an email at info@spourgitis.gr.

Individuals’ Movings

If you are moving away for a short or long time, we can provide you with the means to do so, along with help and support for your moving. We realise that moving abroad is an important decision that involves much more than finding a courier and shipping of all your belongings.

For this reason, we offer support and assistance in coordinating your moving, from planning to moving your belongings, to the best packaging tips. To move your stuff from place to place, you have two transportation options, by road or by air. We choose the most affordable option for you.

We can also advise you on finding the right insurance package for you. Although shipments are already insured up to the value of 10 € / kg shipping, additional insurance is of great importance and we offer full insurance coverage at a very low cost.

Before placing your order, when you intend to ship larger items, you should contact us so that we can check if they can be shipped and then find the best offers for you.

Our main concern is to offer the most affordable prices either to individuals or companies for parcel and pallet shipments in Europe and to provide convenient moving solutions:

easy booking for door-to-door transport services, access to top quality services listed by the best logistics companies, monitoring and customer support systems.

Shipping services for freelancers & companies

Our company is working hard to help Greek SMEs grow and expand in more than 100 countries abroad. The constant & all-time- problem of Greek companies regarding the economical & reliable shipment of a products is solved with our company, by providing affordable shipping services, our company helps Greek businessmen reduce the shipping costs of their products.

We know how much work is behind a good business and how difficult the conditions are at times. Our services and prices are the best for those who do not have a constant need for transportation services or do not ship too much and cannot afford low-cost contracts directly with the transport service providers. We are here to listen to your every need, and with the help of our 75-year- transport experience, we can offer you the cheapest and most reliable solution for your business needs.

Focus on growing your business while we take care of your transfers!