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Shipping clothes with Spourgitis transport

At Spourgitis shipping, we recognize the unique demands of clothing shipping and have honed our expertise to serve those who value meticulous care in the delivery of their clothing.

Our reliable programming and advanced tracking systems offer transparency and timely information.

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Shipping options

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Through our platform, you have access to a wide range of international shipping services:

Express service

The fastest delivery. International shipping in 24-72 hours

Economy shipping

The most economical shipping of packages or suitcases

Shipping abroad

Sending loads for businesses and individuals abroad

How to pack?

Packaging: You can put your clothes in vacuum bags where the air is removed to reduce the bulk of your packages, then wrap your packages in nylon with bubble wrap to ensure the safety of your contents.

Why choose us to ship your clothes?

Modern tracking technology: With our sophisticated tracking system, you can be informed about the location of your shipment in real time.

Flexibility in deliveries: Our team is ready to meet special delivery requirements, offering solutions at any time or place.

Commitment to high quality: With extensive experience in transporting clothes, we understand the importance of maintaining their quality and ensure that they are delivered in perfect condition.

In Spourgitis transport, your clothes are more than just objects – they are part of your story and life. Trust us to send them with care and professionalism.

Ensuring efficient delivery times

Spourgitis transport ensures the efficiency of delivery schedules, recognizing that punctuality is vital in the fast-moving fashion industry.

Our customers trust us to serve their needs with speed and reliability, understanding that timely shipments are of the utmost importance for seasonal presentations and fashion shows.

We leverage coordinated schedules and a strong tracking system to keep our promise of on-time delivery. Our dedicated team meticulously plans each shipment, taking into account all variables to avoid delays.

Advanced shipment tracking features

Real-time updates and accurate location reporting enable users to accurately predict arrival times. This powerful system facilitates proactive communication, ensuring that any customizations or delivery preferences are accommodated with ease.

Accessed through a secure web portal, tracking technology integrates seamlessly into your workflow, offering not only information, but also the assurance that each garment is treated with care and attention.

Experience in clothing distribution

Spourgitis transport offers specialized clothing handling to ensure that each item arrives at its destination in showcase condition. The company is dedicated to serving the needs of fashion retailers, designers and personal customers safely.