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Guitar shipping with Spourgitis transport company

Are you passionate about music? Is your guitar more than just an instrument? We know how important it is for you to transport this precious object safely and with care. Whether you want to send your guitar to a friend, or whether it’s an order to a customer, our company is here to ensure it arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

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Through our platform, you have access to a wide range of international shipping services:

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The fastest delivery. International shipping in 24-72 hours

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The most economical shipping of packages or suitcases

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Sending loads for businesses and individuals abroad

How to pack?

Proper Packaging: Your guitar should be protected beforehand with special materials, such as bubblewrap and newspaper, to reduce the risk of damage.

We suggest using a hard case for your guitar if you have one, or if you don’t we suggest placing your guitar inside a cardboard box that you can purchase from musical instrument retailers, then wrapping the box with bubble wrap around the outside of your box.

Why choose Spourgitis Transport for the shipping of your guitar?

Spourgitis Transport has developed special methods and protocols for shipping guitars, ensuring the safety of your instrument. We understand the concerns you may have when it comes to transporting such delicate items.

Training: All of our employees are trained in the best practices for transporting sensitive items like your guitar.

Timely and safe delivery

Spourgitis Transport prioritizes timely and safe delivery, understanding that even a slight delay can significantly impact a musician’s schedule. Keenly aware of the time-sensitive nature of performances and events, the company ensures that every guitar shipment is handled with urgency and meticulous care.

Using the latest monitoring technology, customers can track the journey of their instrument in real time, providing assurance that the delivery process is progressing as planned.

In addition, providing safe transport is of paramount importance. Spourgitis implements strict security protocols to protect boxes from theft, loss or damage. This comprehensive approach to timely and secure delivery reflects Spourgitis’ deep commitment to serving the needs of the music community with reliability and professionalism.

National and international options

The company’s commitment to providing comprehensive national and international shipping options ensures that every instrument, regardless of its destination, receives the highest level of attention and care.

With global reach and a local touch, Spourgitis Transport bridges distances, connecting artists with their audiences wherever they are in the world.

The service’s adaptability to national and international shipping requirements underscores its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of musicians, retailers and manufacturers.

So the next time you need to transport your beloved guitar, trust Spourgitis Transport Company. We look forward to serving you!