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Shipping air condition with Spourgitis transport

Shipping an air condition requires special care due to its heavy weight and the vulnerability of its components. Spourgitis transport, with experience in transporting heavy and sensitive items, offers safe solutions for shipping your air conditioners.

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How to pack?

Use original packaging: If possible, use the air conditioner’s original packaging as it is designed to provide maximum protection during transport.

Engine and component stabilization: Make sure all internal components, such as the engine, are securely fastened and do not move. Use additional packing materials if necessary.

Protective materials: Use foam or other soft materials to protect the external parts of the air condition, especially if they have some sensitive areas or are made of glass or plastic.

Adequate packaging: Choose a box that is sturdy enough to support the weight of the air condition. Reinforce the bases and corners for added security.

Sealing and Labeling: Seal the box tightly with tape and label the contents as “Sensitive” if it contains coolant.

Why choose Spourgitis Transport for the shipping of your air condition?

Spourgitis transport provides customized solutions for shipping heavy items such as air conditioners. With customized shipping options and the ability to track your shipment, Spourgitis ensures that your air condition will reach its destination safely and intact.

Shipping an air condition requires special attention and care. With Spourgitis transport, you can be confident that your air condition will be transported with proper care and professionalism, ensuring that it is in perfect condition upon delivery.