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Shipping paintings with Spourgitis transport

Art is a priceless treasure that connects us to our past and culture. When it comes time to move a painting, special care and attention is required. Spourgitis transport, with its experience and professionalism, ensures that each painting will be treated in the appropriate manner and will be kept in the best possible condition.

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Why choose us for shipping painting?

At  Spourgitis transport, we recognize the value and irreplaceable nature of works of art. Our specialist transport services are meticulously designed to serve those who entrust their paintings to us, ensuring that each project is treated with the respect it deserves.

Our global network ensures timely and safe delivery to any destination.

Sending paintings

When it comes to shipping art, it’s important to recognize the complexity and sensitivity involved in moving such valuable objects from one location to another.

That’s why we provide comprehensive insurance packages and secure transportation to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of each painting.

Secure and private service

Our team handles each painting with discretion and safety. Personalized service protocols are created that meet customers’ particular privacy requirements, ensuring that every transaction remains confidential.

This approach not only builds trust, but also preserves the integrity of the projects being transferred.

Worldwide shipping range

With a global network, Spourgitis transport facilitates the international transport of works of art, ensuring safe and timely delivery across borders. Our comprehensive services extend to all corners of the world, reflecting our commitment to serving the international art community.

We provide our clients with the confidence that their valuable projects will be treated with the highest possible professionalism throughout their journey.

With an extensive global network, Spourgitis transport ensures the integrity of each masterpiece is maintained, fulfilling the promise of safe and reliable delivery to destinations around the world.

Understanding Art: We understand the value and sensitivity of works of art, regardless of their size, material or origin.

Personalized Care: Each piece of art is unique and needs its own specialized packaging.

Technology and Equipment: We have modern equipment and technologies to ensure that your painting remains safe during transport.

Experienced Staff: Our team is trained to handle painting with the utmost care and appreciation.

Competitive prices: We offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality of service.

At Spourgitis transport, we treat works of art not only as objects, but as a part of our soul and culture, which is why we treat it with the respect and care it deserves. By choosing us to ship your painting, you are choosing professionalism, reliability and dedication.