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Shipping books with Spourgitis transport company

Sending books through the Spourgitis company guarantees the safe and timely transfer of the cultural wealth that the books represent. With attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, Spourgitis makes the shipping process comfortable and hassle-free. Follow the instructions below to ensure your books reach their destination in perfect condition.

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How to pack?

Packing box: Use a sturdy box, preferably one slightly larger than the books you are going to ship.

Stuffing: Use crumpled paper or packing shrimp to create a secure base at the bottom of the box and fill the gaps between the books.

Book Wrapping: If the books are delicate or valuable, wrap them individually in plastic wrap or other soft material.

Boxing: Put heavier books on the bottom and lighter books on top. If you use more than one book, try to place them in a way that minimizes movement inside the box.

Sealing the box: Use tape to ensure the box stays closed during transport.

Why should you choose Spourgitis transport for shipping your books?

After you have properly packed the books, contact Spourgitis Transport to arrange collection. You can choose between different shipping options depending on the delivery time you want and your budget. Spourgitis offers reliable tracking so you can have an up-to-date picture of your shipment’s progress at every stage.

With us, sending books becomes an easy and safe process. By following the above recommendations, you can be sure that your books will arrive at their destination exactly as you packed them.