Olive oil

Shipment of olive oil with Spourgitis transport

Olive oil is one of nature’s most precious gifts, known for its nutritional properties, wonderful aroma and taste. From ancient times until today, it has been a key component of the Mediterranean diet. Whether you wish to share this treasure with your loved ones in other countries, or promote your product abroad, the Spourgitis Company is your ally every step of the way.

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Why choose Spourgitis transport for the shipment of olive oil?


At Spourgitis transport, we specialize in the transport of olive oil, providing services tailored to the unique needs of this precious commodity. Our expertise in handling, packaging and transport ensures that each bottle maintains its purity and flavor intact.

Recognizing the trust placed in us by producers and distributors, we are committed to a seamless delivery process that prioritizes the integrity of the olive oil. Our global coverage, enhanced by real-time tracking, guarantees a reliable and fast service.

Fast and safe delivery


Based on our commitment to quality, we offer a fast and secure delivery service, ensuring that every batch of olive oil arrives quickly and in perfect condition. Our specialized solutions respond to the character and care required to transport this precious commodity.

Each shipment is meticulously planned and executed with precision, ensuring not only speed but also the safety of the olive oil.

Extensive global coverage


Constantly expanding its reach, Spourgitis transport offers extensive global coverage, ensuring olive oil distributors access to international markets.

This global reach is intertwined with our mission to facilitate the seamless distribution of high-quality Greek olive oil, honoring its cultural significance by delivering it to various destinations.

Real-time shipment tracking


Every olive oil shipment outsourced to Spourgitis shipping comes with state-of-the-art real-time tracking, ensuring customers are always up to date on the status of their delivery. This system allows for tracking, providing peace of mind to those who value accuracy and transparency in service.

At every stage of the journey, from pickup to delivery, customers have access to detailed information about the location and estimated time of arrival of their precious cargo.

Expertise: We understand the sensitivity and importance of olive oil as a product. We ensure proper packaging and storage during transportation.

Fast And Safe Shipments: With an extensive network and advanced technology, we guarantee that your olive oil will reach its destination on time and without problems.

Affordable Rates: We offer competitive rates for shipping this valuable commodity, helping you expand into new markets.

Olive oil is more than just a product. It is part of a tradition, a history and a way of life. At Spourgitis transport, we treat each olive oil shipment with the respect and care it deserves.

In conclusion, the company’s dedication to safe transportation and extensive global reach, combined with real-time tracking and expert care, ensure the preservation of product quality and the essence of Greek heritage.

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